The finishes

Finishes for every need


Surfaces that are smooth to the touch and visually reflective like mirrors.

With this finish the colour of the material is usually more vivid and saturated.

This line enhances the brightness of the environments in which it is installed and suitable as the ideal finish for unique applications such as kitchen or work surfaces or for interior or exterior wall coverings.

Semi- polished

This is the intermediate phase of the polishing and tends to tone down the chromatic characteristics of the materials.

Its function is to make the treated surface perfectly flat, to eliminate all the imperfections and the give the slab a good degree of gloss that is not however comparable to real polishing.


A surface that is slightly rough to the touch, visibly opaque and little reflective.

The chromatic effect creates soft and natural tones.

The process with its imperceptible depressions, also gives perceptions that are always new.

It has a versatile, velvety and elegant finish that is excellent for interior and exterior coverings such as kitchen tops, surfaces, external walkways and swimming pools.

The brushed finish gives the material an irregular surface but without porosity.

Any stains are not noticed on work surfaces and floors and is often integrated with the flaming, the sandblasting and the acid treatments to make the material easier to clean.


A surface that is very rough to the touch, visibly opaque and little reflective.

The sandblasting technique erodes the upper part of the surface of the material by abrasion due to a stream of sand and air that enhances its particularities.

The stone’s surface thus becomes rough to the touch but is still flat.

Thanks to its non-slip properties the sandblasted surface is mainly used externally.

This has a regular grain which gives natural dynamism to the entire slab.

This process gives a lighter tone to the colours which makes the chromatic richness stand out.

This finish expresses its full potential on exterior applications and coverings.


This is a blow torch treatment after the cutting and splitting, the flaming of the materials gives the slab a rough , soft and porous look both visually and to the touch.

This finish is carried out on stones and granite which makes the material anti-slip and therefore is mainly recommended for exterior environments.

This process is carried out by a jet of water to greatly enhance the colour of the surfaces and to make the material more resistant to atmospheric agents.

Bush hammered

The stone is hammered to achieve a rough regular surface.

The bush hammered finish, also known as “martellinata”, is mainly applied to granites and natural stone.

The resulting rustic effect is usually used for anti-slip or exterior coverings.

This process tends to emphasize the grain of the material, making it perceptually similar to the natural.


This finish is achieved with a hammer and chisel which operate pressure on the natural breakage lines of the block of stone, a sharp blow divides the stone in two and the two parts remain rough.

$-Axis Process

This is a special finish achieved by the use of new 5-axis machinery which allows the creation of surfaces inspired by nature such as ripples of water or sand in the desert.

There is the possibility of creating motifs on request.

This finish is normally used as for wall coverings.